A 90s Playlist Inspired by “Video Soul”

This playlist is for those who miss turning on BET and seeing music videos OR Donnie Simpson on the couch with En Vogue, SWV, Babyface, TLC, Color Me Badd, Johnny Gil, Bobby Brown, Jodeci, Janet, and all the rest of our favorites from the 90s. Enjoy!

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Love in the Funk: A Funky Playlist for the Older at Heart

Four important questions before you proceed with playing this list.

  1. Do you love music from the 70s and 80s?
  2. Was Minneapolis the place to be in 1984?
  3. Did you have a Jheri curl in the 80s?
  4. Do you agree with the following statement: true funk cannot be contained in 3 minutes.

If you answered “yes” to 3 out 4 of these questions, then proceed (with caution).  Anchored in core funk pieces, this playlist is perfect for family functions, cleaning up around the house, and to perk up the mood around the office.  Enjoy!

Review: Deception with Meagan Good

Three reasons NOT to watch this show when it premieres in January.

1. We are introduced to Meagan Good‘s character on the show, Joanna, who is a police officer as she’s on a bust.  She kicks the door down on this house where there is supposedly some illegal activity happening, but all I see is impoverished looking Black people.  She comes through the door with her gun cocked to the side… What is that?  And we are supposed to believe that she’s qualified to do undercover work.  The only time we see her doing police work is when she’s the first boot in the door on a drug bust, and then she punches some chick in the face.  Who wrote that?

2. She supposed to be a cop and they have the nerve to style her with long weave all down her back.  What lady cop you know with long flowing, perfectly manicured tracks?  Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality?   She doesn’t look like a cop; she looks like Meagan Good.

3. Lastly, her crying job after finding out her best friend got murdered was a mess.  She was wiping tears like she had something to do after this so she can’t be messing up this good make-up.

I wish it were good. Meagan Good on prime time television could be really help to diversify the mostly white that’s on television. Like Kerry Washington on Scandal, should could really help to change the game for Black women in film and television. Unfortunately, this show is looking like it might end up in that place where failed t.v. shows go because of some very sloppy story telling.

Ignit Music: A Universally Ignorant Music Playlist

Enjoy the playlist below for all your Ignit music needs: writing sessions, working out (very effective for leg workouts), parties, mood music, or brainstorming sessions.    Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Weapons of our Mass Destruction


Last night, friends and I got together to celebrate the brief visit of one of our own.  We talked about the most relevant topic of the day of course: the tragedy at the Newton, CT elementary school.  We all agreed that “our right to bear arms” in this country is antiquated. With the “arms” of the past, one had to get up close and personal, you had to think long and hard about whether or not you would use your one musket shot to kill that particular person.  You had to walk up to a person and stab them.  Now?  People can spray a semi- or fully-automatic weapon indiscriminately and be sure to hit someone.  We have become too desensitized to gun violence in this country.  We have made being able to kill someone, a right.  We were all animated and upset by the incident, many of us working with children, or in schools, or with underserved populations–but we ended the conversation on as light a note as we could muster in light of such tragedy.  We agreed that the only kinds of guns that people should be allowed to have are antique, single shot, revolvers, and muskets.  That way, you have to think about every bullet going into the chamber, and everyone coming out.  Notice in the video below, how many steps he has to go through to fire one bullet.

Semi-automatic and automatic rifles should be seen for what they are: weapons of mass destruction.