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A History Lesson: Femcees

For those of you who think Nicki Minaj is the first female rapper ever… check this out.  For those of you who swear that Lauryn Hill is and was the only good female rapper ever… check this out.  And for those who just want to (re)discover some new (old) music… check this out!

A Glorious G.O.O.D Pink Friday

Have you noticed that Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are dropping an album on the same day, November 22nd? Did you know that last week Nicki Minaj announced on Twitter that the drop date had changed to November 22nd from November 23rd? Did you notice that Nicki Minaj lends her voice, the deranged one, to the title sequence of West’s short film called Runaway? Have you thought about the ways that they could be connected in the popular cultural deranged-milieu? Let’s work it out…

A Brief Movie Review: The Town

Grade:  CComments: Eh… I literally had to bite myself to keep from dozing off at one point.  At the hour and a half mark, I looked at my watch like… is it over yet?  It was way too long. Commentary (Spoilers)*Though this movie is spoiled alreadyThe Town (2010), like most bank robbery movies, could have […]

What Makes Anything (Pop)ular?

The cast of Jersey Shore I must borrow here from Horkheimer and Adorno (1944) and say that I believe the popular is the dope of the masses. And for those of you who don’t know who they are, I’ll borrow from Malcolm X (or at least Denzel as Malcolm X) and say ya’ll are being […]

Public Anthropology is Cool…

I’m a graduate student at American now and every time I mention that I’m going to be an anthropologist “when I grow up,” people always seem to be fascinated. They ask what I do, what I want to do, and I clunker through an explanation about the different fields: archaeology, biological/physical, linguistics, and sociocultural. But […]