Perpetuating the Myth: America is a “Post-Racial” Society

As a follow up to uncovering the undercover message in NBC’s Undercovers…. I know… I couldn’t help myself…

Here is Professor Kimberle Crenshaw echoing my sentiment that color-blind, post-racial discourse is toxic for America where we are still dealing with the residue of disenfranchisement of African Americans as well as the continual disenfranchisement of people of color, especially those who immigrate from the USA’s southern most border.

Thanks Laura Flanders.  We need people of all shades invested in this fight to end racism in this country and we can’t do it if we’re not allowed to bring up issues of race in public.
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  1. Vincent says:

    Before I even look at the video i stopped and said to myself "WHY BOTHER?" America is so much in denial of so many things that in order for them to admit wrong is to much like right!!! The only thing that we are Post anything is POSTAL as a country! Look, it ain't no mystery that America is full of conspiracy theories, lies and mo' lies; there is no future in pretending that the race wars are non-existing. On all levels and phases of societal interaction we are last in that department because of the truth we cannot endure/

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