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A Short, Sweet and Spoiler Free Brief Review: Black Swan

Grade: A+


Black Swan was sufficiently disturbing. A beautifully crafted movie with a thrilling, chilling charm.  Natalie Portman’s finest performance.  A prima ballerina with visions.

Commentary (Spoiler-Free):

This film, its soundtrack, its plot transported me some place else. The superbly constructed rising action made the denouement, the resolution, all too macabre. This was a supremely sophisticated movie that absorbes you and your skin into itself and into the mind of Nina, the tortured ballerina. I don’t wish to offer a deep film analysis here because I think this is a movie that film scholars and the like will sink their psychoanalytic teeth in for many years to come.

Go see Black Swan in theaters.  And if you miss it, go to Netflix and put it in your queue right now.  And if you don’t have Netflix, go to Redbox the day it’s released on DVD.  And if you don’t have Redbox, go on Amazon and pre-order it.

Enjoy.  And be prepared to feel your skin crawl at the last performance of the Swan Queen.