A Brief Movie Review: The Town

Grade:  C
Comments: Eh… I literally had to bite myself to keep from dozing off at one point.  At the hour and a half mark, I looked at my watch like… is it over yet?  It was way too long.

Commentary (Spoilers)*Though this movie is spoiled already
The Town (2010), like most bank robbery movies, could have only had one of two endings: either they get away or they don’t.  The Town, borrows from Set it Off (1996), and one of the four bank robbers get away.

Ben Affleck (like Jada Pinkett Smith who plays “Stony” in Set it Off) is the lone survivor.  Throughout the film, he carries on a romance with a woman who is a bank manager played by Rebecca Hall.  If you recall, Stony also had a romance with a bank manager (Blair Underwood).  Rebecca Hall’s character helps Affleck get away in the end, kinda like the detective in Set it Off lets Stony get away.  And then there’s Jeremy Renner, the best actor in the movie, plays the crazy one who dies with guns blazin’ (like Queen Latifah in the role of “Cleo”).

Basically… what I’m saying is… The Town is the white male Irish version of Set it Off.

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