A Very Brief Album Review: Rumor’s Out… Adele’s Album is Hot

Don’t take my word for it… I can’t tell you if you’ll like it, just that me and everyone else thinks its hot.

Grade: A

Thoughts after first listen:

“This girl can sang!”


Adele has a set of antique vocal cords. The kind that you find by luck in a thrift store. The kind that’s passed down in your family for generations. It’s clear that Adele keeps master musicians and producers around her, nothing less could bring out the rich texture of her voice.

Three Songs on Repeat

  • Rolling in the deep — “There’s a fire, burning in my heart.” An impressive way for a 21 year old to open an album titled “21,” with an old and seasoned bluesy song like this. I love it.
  • Rumor has it — Great song with a fun and catchy hook.  Definitely on the top of my iTunes most played this month.
  • Set Fire to the Rain — The first thing that caught me about this song was the way that Adele’s vocals shine on this track.  I believe it’s the most demonstrable of her talent.

Why the A?

There’s something about good music that touches you on the inside. You need not press skip, because you already know you’re going to be in the mood for the next song.

The Verdict

I kept it brief. There’s not much to say other than you’ll like this if you’re an R&B/Good music connoisseur. This is a wonderful addition to anyone’s music collection. Timeless. One you’ll listen to 20 years from now and still enjoy. Go get that… yesterday.

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