What do Lady Gaga and Valentine’s Day Have in Common?

I’ve been away from the bloggisphere partially because I’ve felt like little besides what was going on in Egypt was important in the world at large.  The people of Egypt are my heroes right now.  They’ve changed the game.  They’ve demonstrated that in a world of mass communication, mass mediated public spectacle, and Twitter… that you can change the conditions of your world and that has given me hope.  Hope + Action = Change.  So with that equation in hand…

When I consider what Lady Gaga’s Grammy stunt shares with this day, Valentine’s Day, there are a few things that come to mind.

Like Valentine’s Day, the origin story of Lady Gaga is mostly myth.  I’m also not really sure what Valentine’s Day is about besides buying stuff, because if you love someone then you should be in the business of telling them all the time.  For as much as Lady Gaga tries (e.g. meat costume), she’s only relevant in that she provides content for our blogs about entertainment.  Just like you can’t read too much into getting a Valentine’s Day card from a co-worker for fun, I don’t think anyone should do much reading into Lady Gaga’s incubation.

Ultimately, neither Valentine’s Day nor Lady Gage mean much of anything, but they are fun.  And sometimes, I need a good (or bad) pop song or cheesy Singing Valentine to make me smile, to make me dance, or to give me something to blog about.

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