Best Comedy I’ve Seen in ___ Years: Bridesmaids

Friday, May 2oth, 2011

Grade: A+


A comedy with real Oscar potential, I think Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, hit the nail on the head with this one and their box office numbers prove it.  The #2 movie in the country, second only to the kid friendly comic book hero movie, Thor. I tend not to be optimistic when it comes to major changes in Hollywood, but what I hope this movie demonstrates is that women can write good, profitable movies and lead the cast of good, profitable movies.


Bridesmaids is the story of a woman who learns that stepping in the way of someone else’s happiness doesn’t make you happy.  A fun, sophisticated story of a grown woman growing up and learning to get out of her own way.   And while her way might not look like her best friend’s, it is still a way that can lead to being happy.

Well written and perfectly casted, Kristen Wiig lead a brilliant cast and as one Feministing blogger noted, she does it with a kind of “Lucille Ball humor” that is animated and lively.

From the first scene to the very last, I was laugh-crying: the kind of laugh that forces tears out of your tear ducts.  It was like that.  This is a movie that anyone with the capacity to cry and laugh at the same time can enjoy.

Go see it. Stop reading this. You should be purchasing your tickets online to see this movie tonight, and if you saw it already you should be pre-ordering it from Amazon right now.

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