Review: Deception with Meagan Good

Three reasons NOT to watch this show when it premieres in January.

1. We are introduced to Meagan Good‘s character on the show, Joanna, who is a police officer as she’s on a bust.  She kicks the door down on this house where there is supposedly some illegal activity happening, but all I see is impoverished looking Black people.  She comes through the door with her gun cocked to the side… What is that?  And we are supposed to believe that she’s qualified to do undercover work.  The only time we see her doing police work is when she’s the first boot in the door on a drug bust, and then she punches some chick in the face.  Who wrote that?

2. She supposed to be a cop and they have the nerve to style her with long weave all down her back.  What lady cop you know with long flowing, perfectly manicured tracks?  Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality?   She doesn’t look like a cop; she looks like Meagan Good.

3. Lastly, her crying job after finding out her best friend got murdered was a mess.  She was wiping tears like she had something to do after this so she can’t be messing up this good make-up.

I wish it were good. Meagan Good on prime time television could be really help to diversify the mostly white that’s on television. Like Kerry Washington on Scandal, should could really help to change the game for Black women in film and television. Unfortunately, this show is looking like it might end up in that place where failed t.v. shows go because of some very sloppy story telling.

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