A Very Brief Review: Eric Benét’s Lost in Time

Grade: B+

Thoughts after First Listen:

“He cries sometimes… but I think he might actually be over Halle.”


I was pleasantly surprised after listening to this album.  Though Benet doesn’t push it, he stays in his lane–this is definitely a pleasant listening experience.  You can pretty much listen cover to cover and really appreciate not only Benet’s rich vocals, but also the music and the lyrical content.

If you like real Rhythm & Blues, you can’t dislike this album.  Benet demonstrates his mastery of the R&B ballad and the duet.  The music is very much grown folks music, but the kind of music that everyone can appreciate.  A very good piece of work, definitely my favorite album from Benet since A Day in the Life.   So if you need an alternative to Christmas music this season, this album should do the trick.

3 Songs on Repeat:

  • Paid – Thank you Benet for bringing Eddie Levert out of retirement!  Benet lets Levert do the heavy lifting in the chorus, while doing what he does best in the ad libs. The two balance their contrasting vocals over this brilliant O’Jays groove giving us a funky blues song with a timeless grit. “M-O-N-E-Y never seem to multiply for me.”  I feel that.
  • Good Life — Ledisi lends her beautiful voice to this track about enjoying life and I enjoy every second of their complementary vocals.
  • Sometimes I Cry – Benet draws you in with his dexterous vocal ability giving a deep down, soul song–the kind that Maxwell gives us on “Pretty Wings”.  Benet brings all those tears in him and lays them down wonderfully on this track.

Why the B +

Eric Benet is no rookie and he knows what he’s good at and he does it over and over again on this album–part of the reason why I can’t give it an A.  I appreciate staying in your lane, but to get an A for me you have to make a whole new lane.

The Verdict

Not much to say about this album other than it’s damn good.  Go get it.  Don’t worry about getting the deluxe version.  The extra 3 songs, are just that… Extra.  Very unnecessary.  So, do something good for the holidays. Help this brother pay for his therapy bills. That sex addiction stuff ain’t no joke… or is it?

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  1. Chief says:

    The melodic content and the rhythmic texture of this project does indeed take you back to the classic R&B times. Eric is a crooner like those before him; Nat King Cole, Peabo Bryson, Smokey and Luther. All with a distinct sound and style. Thank you Nik for the gift of good music.


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