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Overheard while black

This crazy racist story I overheard while on the D.C. Metro… Involves a terrified white girl… a scary black man… and a red light in the “slums of Camden.” Can you guess what happened?

No… I’m Not Sad About Maya Angelou

Essential reading list of Maya Angelou, or Why I’m not sad she’s gone home

Brain Therapy: A Crossword of Ice and Fire

Massage your brain with this easy crossword puzzle, written especially for those of you who’ve read the entire Game of Thrones series. **Requires that you’ve read at least until Book 4. Related articles Conscious Culture Eater Crossword: The Game of Hunger Conscious Culture Eater Crosswords: The Golden Age of Video Games Conscious Culture Eater Crossword: […]

One Example of Racist Remarks in the #bannedforlife Twitter explosion

At the risk of stating the obvious: people are still racist, you know.